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Sung Won Precision Machine Inc. is a manufacturing company of precise industrial spring for
electricity, electronics, machinery, automobile and others equipped with modern manufacturing
equipment, professionals and precise inspection equipment.   

Sung Won has continued to thrive for the last 19 years with unremitting effort and your support and
will keep thriving providing best quality, delivery and price to our customers.

Moreover, we promise you that we would do our utmost to become a specialized and future-oriented
leading spring company doing ceaseless R&D to attain to a world top class corporate in the field of
manufacturing extension spring, compression spring, mold spring, torsion spring, and zabala spring.
We will appreciate your support and encouragement.

We wish you success.
SUNG WON precision machine mailto:sw@wwo.co.kr?bcc=webmaster@smipc.or.kr GobizKorea-The Gateway to Korean Suppliers